this is pronounced “fishing” and it is just like fishing, where people fish for information from you.

They ask you lots of questions to find out important things like your password or your bank details in order to steal from you.

They may pretend to be your friend. It is important that you do not trust them and do not answer their questions. They are bad people!

Watch the video and let Frances tell you about phishing.


Phishing often comes in form of e-mails.

You may receive an e-mail that tells you that you have won the lottery or that you have a problem with your computer. Then they ask you to tell them your information. Like your password or your bank details.

Do not give any information to people who send you e-mails.

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  Useful Tip: If in doubt delete it!


For more information on phishing and updates on new scams, you can click this link: Actionfraud

or check out what advice  Microsoft has on phishing scams (click on the blue words).

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