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Cyberbullies try to hurt you by                                   cyberbully                

  • Sending texts that are threatening

  • Making calls that are silent, a hoax and/or abusive

  • Sharing videos or photos that are embarrassing via smartphone or through a website

  • Altering photos or videos to be embarrassing and then sharing via smartphone or through a website

  • Broadcasting embarrassing or unsuitable materials that is threatening or intended to manipulate the victim

  • Leaving hurtful messages intended to isolate the victim from friends on social media forums or sending mass messages/texts

  • Outing someone by posting confidential information online

  • Stealing your identity to cause harm in your name

  • Intentionally excluding you from online games or groups

  • Creating hate sites online against you

  • Posting menacing messages in chat rooms with the intent of embarrassing the victim

  • Setting up and/or voting in an insulting poll online

  • Forwarding someone’s text messages in effort to pressure them into having sex or to embarrass in front of peers

There is no stopping cyber bullies from starting these acts of harassment. However, there are ways to deal with a cyberbully and hopefully prevent any future harassment from occurring.

If you have a twitter account follow: AskCybersmile and CybersmileHQ they can help you if you are getting bullied. (just click on the name)

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